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Our programs are set up for all ages and skill levels. We use jiu-jitsu, strength and condition, and striking as a mechanism for people to maximize the potential within themselves.

206 South is a gym in White Center that offers Boxing, weightlifting, personal training, B

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Our Adult's Program offers classes 6 days a week with levels ranging from fundamentals to advanced competition training. We are constantly evolving our curriculum to stay at the cutting edge of today's jiu-jitsu in both Gi and No-Gi.



Our boxing program is the perfect combination of enhancing fitness, learning technique, and having fun while developing self-defense skills. We offer MMA specific training to our fighters.


At Rebellion Barbell, you will have access to both workouts written and scheduled by our Strength and Conditioning Coach, Zach Filer. Bars, weights and kettlebells are just the tools. The results come from how those tools are expertly applied in your training.

Strength and Conditioning


Youth Grappling

Our youth grappling program includes BJJ and wrestling. We emphasize the importance of confidence, hard work, respect, discipline and teamwork.


10031 16th Ave SW

Seattle WA, 98146





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