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Learn the proper techniques of punches, combination, footwork, blocking and head movement. The boxing classes we offer are the perfect combination of enhancing fitness, learning technique and having fun while developing self-defense skills. Our classes are for all levels. 

Mixed Martial Arts

Combine your striking and grappling skills to become a complete mixed martial artist. Boxing, kickboxing, and pad work will teach you to punch, kick and move like a professional. Our Wrestling, Gi, and No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu classes will give you the skills to control your opponent, dictate where the fight takes place and dominate from any position.  We offer unique competition based classes which incorporate rounds of strength and conditioning based on the concepts of the Conjugate Method. These sessions are led by Head BJJ Coach, Jaime Filer, and programmed Strength and Conditioning Coach, Zach Filer. This concept is based off principles used with UFC Fighters and other elite level combat sport athletes.  

*MMA specific training is by invite only and is included in the Unlimited Adult pricing

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