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Our program
provides the best,
most effective way of training with the highest quality coaching available. 

It's not uncommon to walk into a gym outfitted with barbells, weights, and kettlebells nowadays. Any facility can open its doors with equipment on-site and offer a strength and conditioning program. The concept isn't new, and many places make the claim to offer that.We just provide it in the best format, with the most effective way of training with the highest quality coaching available.

15 Years

Our Barbell Club has 15 years of results behind it, from a variety of locations. Bars, weights and kettlebells are just the tools. The results come from how those tools are expertly applied in your training.


World Class Programming

At Rebellion Barbell, you have access to workouts written and scheduled by our Strength and Conditioning Coach, Zach Filer. Zach has done it all: training people to break world records in different aspects of weightlifting; compete in the CrossFit Games, podium at Woman’s Strongman National, and other fitness competitions. His success with firefighting academy candidates and military professionals speaks for itself and that doesn't even include his listed successes in the grappling and general fitness environment.

Conjugate Method

This is all made possible and available to you through Zach's work with the Conjugate Method. This style of training designed by Lou Simmons and implemented at WestSide Barbell went on to create what was recognized as the strongest gym in the world at one point. Zach's approach to the Conjugate Method is rooted in his work with Conjugate Tactical. Which is actually simply a practical application of the method to diverse populations. The concept that LEO or firefighters need to be able to respond to their jobs while also training optimally isn't a thought reserved for those communities. A mom needs to be able to train with weights and also be able to play with her kids. A Jiu-Jitsu competitor needs to be able to be on the mat and not hindered by their time in the weight room.


Enjoy the Process

You can get after it in your training with barbells and kettlebell and still enjoy your life outside the gym. You can train hard and have a good time. These principles are what brought Zach onto the Conjugate Tactical HQ seminar team. And they are the same ones applied everyday at Rebellion to build muscle, lose weight and enjoy the entire process behind it without feeling hinder by your workouts.

Barbell Club

Our group training classes with Zach are offered throughout the week. You can read more about Zach and what he offers here at Rebellion in his bio. 

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