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Three times a week we have a unique combination of sparring and weight training offered in a structured session by Strength and Conditioning Coach Zach Filer and Head BJJ Coach Jaime Filer.


These classes are not only proven to work but they also help you get more training in during your sessions if you've had trouble making time for both your strength work and your grappling or striking. This concept is based off principles used with UFC Fighters and other elite level combat sport athletes.

Conjugate Grappling

Your grappling class will have 5 minute competition paced rolls or scrimmage wrestling combined with lifting intervals. The strength intervals are based off a sandbag approach to the Conjugate Method along with accessory lifts. 

Conjugate Grappling/Striking

Your grappling/striking class will combine 3 minute sparring rounds with weight training intervals. This class will feature dynamic effort dumbbell, sandbag, or medball lift focusing on speed. As this day is a dynamic effort day, you can add this class to your schedule and still attend the max effort conjugate grappling class on Wednesday night and/or the advanced no-gi class Tuesday at 6:30pm. The workouts are programed by Coach Zach for athletes to attend these classes in addition to their training schedule without overworking. If your not yet ready for sparring you may still attend and do heavy bag work in between your lifting intervals. 

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